Animation Production

Animation production is a very broad term. There are so many forms, styles and scales of animation production that we can offer. We have broken them down into a few different sections which will help you find what you are looking for.

Explainer Animation With Characters

You've seen this style of animation everywhere. It's becoming the must have accompany to a home page of a website. If you have a business, process, or new product that you find difficult to explain through text or video, then an explainer animation is your ultimate friend!

It may not even be something difficult you need to explain, this style of animation is a fun way to get your brand and company ethos out there in a cool, entertaining way.

Explainer Animation

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is all about bringing still graphics to life. You can turn a sequence of images or text into a new piece of exciting media. By breaking apart the elements we can animate each piece, which opens up the door to so much creativity!

3D Animation

Why not add another dimension to your animation. 3D animation offers more possibilities to what you can visually achieve. It gives the viewer a better sense of depth and scale. There is more realism and you can give a true representation of an element. 3D is exciting and dynamic!

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation videos are an exciting and innovative way to advertise and market your services and products. A whiteboard video is written to be focused; your message comes across uncluttered, thus allowing your message to be heard loud and clear!

Traditional Animation

You may want to bring it old skool. Traditional animation, although time consuming, is one of the most powerful animation styles. It has a classic charming feel to it. It's warm and organic. In a digital generation, traditional animation can be raw with a sense of being tactile, but most importantly, it's refreshing to see.