Bewley’s | Guide to

This is a series of guide videos for Bewley’s coffee. Each video looks at using a different apparatus to produce the perfect coffee. We had Bewley’s own Irish barista champion, Elvis Matiejunas, demonstrating how to make the coffee.

Filming took place in the dedicated training room inside Bewleys HQ and took two days. Just down the hall from the main coffee roasting, there’s not many filming locations that smell as good as this.

Arriving early each morning, we would quite literally “wake up and smell the coffee” ……. ok, ok that was terrible!

Coffee Apparatus:
Drip Tower

Production Team:
Camera Operator: Billy Cummings
Editor: Billy Cummings
Producer: Alex Musgrave
Camera Operator: Alex Musgrave
Graphics: Billy Cummings
Music: Analog Heart ‘Together’

Canon C100 Mark ii
Canon 5D mark iii
Canon 24-105mm F4
Canon 16-35mm F2.8
Litepanel LED Board
Custom IK Slider