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What are you hiring?

When you work with Dog Day Media, you aren't just hiring a technical skill set and finished product. You also hire our character, our creative ideas, our process and our ability to produce with outsourcing partners.



Just check our "Fun Video" section to see the studio's character! We love to put as much of it into a project as we can to make it stand out and be fun.


Creative Ideas

Our creative spark comes from our innovative studio. We are always bouncing ideas around and keep an ear to the ground for current media trends.



We like to keep clients in the loop with our outlined process, updates and samples. This speeds up projects and insures the client gets what they want.



We can act as your full media producer. If the project needs more then our skill set, we have partnered businesses that we can bring in and manage.

Our Skills

While we specialise in Film + Animation, we are a multimedia business that can offer a solution to all media needs.