Video production is a very broad term. There are so many forms, styles and scales of video production that we can offer. We have broken them down into a few different sections which will help you find what you are looking for.

Promotional | Marketing

Creative | Experimental Advertising

The videos that fall under this title are the big productions! This is where we really get the creative juices flowing. The experimental advertising has one main goal, to get the client recognised. To do this we create a piece from scratch. It's all about the idea. We like to have a blank canvas to work with so that we can piece together a story and theme that we think will cause a stir. Unlike T.V advertising, online video has no real length restrictions, so it frees us up even more.

We have a great team of engineers, designers and techies that we regularly work with to create custom sets and rigs. This means we can create unique, large scale productions for a client that is sure to get them recognised and put on the map.


This form of video production is probably our most common. Video has become a major part of the web and is an important tool to keep a potential client on your website. It offers the ability to sum up a business and brand in a few minutes, while keeping it entertaining. Internet users have become accustom to clicking a play button on a homepage rather then read through lots of text.

Here we can give you the platform to tell your story and advertise your business.


Event filming is all about capturing the atmosphere, experience and highlights within the time frame. Our style of filming suits this perfectly. With our lightweight DSLR cameras, we can quickly get around and close up to all the action. We love catching the small details which really portray the atmosphere of the event, so that people watching the video really get a sense of what it was like to be there.

Aerial Filming

The area of Aerial filming has been blown open since the introduction of UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. We'll go into more detail about our Aerial service on it's own page in the 'Services' drop down menu.