Fintan McKahey

About This Project

Fintan McKahey | The Rebound Effect

This is the first single since the God Games EP came out. With this music video the focus was purely on achieving the highest visual quality we could. We knew we wanted to film a ‘one shot’ video with our DJI Ronin & Readyrig, so we built the rest of the concept around that.

After listening to the song and style of sound, we knew the location needed to be a little gritty and atmospheric. So we went location scouting until we found this third floor attic space which was perfect. Worn away walls and a high exposed roof was exactly what we looked for. We boarded up the windows and added diffuser gel to block out any strong sunlight. We used a kinoflow soft light on the talent to give him a warm soft fill. In the background we wanted a contrasting light source so we used a cool spot from the roof. The aim here was to give an impression natural light leaking in from a hole in the roof.

The addition of vines onto the wall and around the ‘hole in the roof’ added a more derelict feel to the location. The fairy lights on the wall act as a fake source of light for the warm fill, but also a great source of bokeh in our close ups.

The final piece of the visual puzzle was to use the best lens glass available to us. We used a Sony CineAlta 25mm T2 which was a perfect focal length to show off the whole room when the camera was pulled back and also great for achieving close ups and shallow depth of field without distorting the talent.

Behind The Scenes Footage

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DDM Production Team

Director: Billy Cummings
Director of Photography: Billy Cummings
Camera Operator: Chris Buckley
1st A.C: Chris Buckley
Gaffer: Chris Buckley
Producer: Billy Cummings
Assistant Producer: Kate Bean
BTS Video: Eoin Devlin
BTS Photo: Kate Bean
Grip: William Bean
Runner: María Gutiérrez
Editor: Billy Cummings
Colour Grade: Chris Buckley

The Band

Vocals: Fintan McKahey
Drums: Ronnie Penny
Bass: Edgar Kreicbergs


Sony FS7
Sony CineAlta 25mm T2
DJI Ronin
DJI Focus
Small HD Bolt Monitor
Zoom 200W Spot
Kino Flow 4x4
Haze Machine