About This Project

The Google Ireland Story

Google has a long running history in Ireland. It’s Dublin base has come from humble beginnings to be google’s European HQ campus. At the centre of this campus is their ‘Google Foundry’ building. This is a hub of creativity and innovation and is host to many events.

We were commissioned to produce an installation animated film that would showcase the ‘Google Ireland Story’. The task was to visualise the growth and ethos of the campus in a looping film that could tell it’s story through visuals alone.

The actual installation is displayed in the main foyer across 10 LED panels. Each screen is displaying a 1920×1080 section of the animation, so you can imagine the end file was huge!

We’re very proud of this project mainly for the huge undertaking and scale of the piece. The level of detail is amazing and gives regular staff something new to spot each time they pass.

Production Team

Director: William Bean
Animation: William Bean
Animation: Eoin Devlin
Assistant Producer: Billy Cummings