About This Project

Jägermeister ‘Be The Meister’ Series

The film campaign is built around the slogan ‘Be the Meister’. The series features people at the top of their game, showing off their artform. The 2 episodes had a total 564,000 views across Facebook & Instagram.

Be The Meister | DJ Flip

This is the second of the series that we filmed. Having completed the Peter Martin video we had a great understanding of the brand & campaign. We decided to write a treatment and pitch our idea to Jägermeister which was successful. This episode features DJ Flip, a World Scratching Champion, as he tears up the decks in front of an impressive hand built Jamaican style soundsystem. We wanted to have a gritty rave setting to accompany the chosen music.

Be The Meister | Peter Martin

From his small workshop in Cork city, Peter Martin has mastered the artform of stain glass. Creating a one off piece for Jägermeister, he shows off his incredible talent and confirms that the old artform of stain glass is still as impactful as ever.

DJ Flip Production Team

Director: Billy Cummings
Cinematographer: Chris Buckley
Cinematographer: Billy Cummings
Editor: Billy Cummings
DJ Flip: Ronan Carney
Music: Lewis James 'Glow'
Soundsystem: RiseUp Soundsystem
Client Content Manager: Muriel Foley

Peter Martin Production Team

Director: Chris Buckley
Cinematographer: Chris Buckley
Editor: Chris Buckley
Client Content Manager: Muriel Foley

Ice Kuhl Competition

3D Animator: William Bean


Sony FS7
Zeiss CP2 35mm
Zeiss CP2 50mm
Zeiss Batis 18mm
Canon 70-200
Rhino Slider