About This Project


This project was an intricate combination of both cinematography and engineering. We used no digital effects in the creation of this ad, instead we built a custom rig which allowed us to track a phone perfectly in free fall. The entire build from concept through to testing took 4 weeks and stood an impressive 30 feet upon completion. The camera we dropped was a phantom Miro which recorded at a frame rate of 1500fps in order to give the crystal clear slow motion.

The behind the scenes can be found below, Thanks to the entire team for helping with this ambitious project.

Production Team

Producer & Concept: Alex Musgrave
Producer & Concept: Billy Cummings
Set Engineer: Irial Kennedy
Camera Operator & Editor: Billy Cummings
Camera Operator & Editor: Alex Musgrave
Graphics: William Bean
BTS Camera Operator: Eoin Devlin
Phantom Operator: Paul Cowhig
Light Rental: Rupert McCarthy
Lighting: Ger Murphy
Photography: Ger Murphy
Music: Young Wonder


Phantom Miro
Canon 5D mark iii
Canon 24-105mm F4
Canon 16-35mm F2.8
Canon 50mm 1.4
Sennheiser ew 100-ENG G3
Litepanel LED Boards


Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe After Effects CC