About This Project


Screendragon is process & project management software for high performance marketing & agency teams.

We obviously wanted to include screen recordings of the software, but also some live action to introduce characters and convey the scale & diversity of the inputs to a project. We didn’t want to jump from screen recordings, straight to live action without a middle ground. So we decided to use some composited animation in the live action. This really helps us show the features of the software while giving it context by showing characters & locations. It also works as a buffer between live action and switching to a straight screen recording view.


Lochlainn McKenna, Tamasin Maccarthy, Daragh Gosnell, Sarah Murphy, Stephen Bean, Eugen Darcy, Karen Barber.

Production Team

Producer: Billy Cummings
Camera Operator: Billy Cummings
Camera Operator: Alex Musgrave
Editor: Billy Cummings
Graphics: William Bean
Storyboard: Eoin Devlin
Music: Cameron Ernst 'Three - Instrumental'


Canon C100 Mark ii, Canon 24-105mm F4, Canon 16-35mm F2.8, Litepanel LED Board, Custom IK Slider, Glidecam HD400.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Illustrator
Da Vinci Resolve

Animation, Film