About This Project


Stormtroopers is a fan film about a platoon of Stormtroopers who raid a remote Rebel Mining outpost. Stormtroopers was filmed in Ireland on location in Cork, Waterford & Tipperary.

Online Reception

The film has received a great reception across the online channels with high view counts and engaging comment interaction.
YouTube 680k | Facebook 226k | Vimeo 20k

Dog Day Media Involvement

DDM have been heavily involved with this film for over a year. Our studio took on the VFX work of the film as well as 2nd unit filming & Grading.


The premiere was held 150 feet underground in Mitchelstown Caves, where some sections of the film were shot, to a select audience. The experience almost felt 4D with atmosphere within the cave and the sound of dripping water.

Production Team

Director: Micheal Fitzgerald,
Producer: Micheal Fitzgerald,

Dog Day Media Production Team

VFX: William Bean
VFX: Eoin Devlin
2nd Cameraman: Billy Cummings
VFX: Maitane Perez Gomez
VFX: Darren Murphy
Colour Grading: Chris Buckley


Sony FS7
Sony FS5
Metabones EF-Emount
Canon 50mm
Canon 16-35
Canon 24-105
Canon 70-200