Sylvie Bloom

About This Project

Sylvie Bloom “Corona, Corona, Corona”

Meet Sylvie Bloom… and her guinea pig, Rua!

Sylvie, like so many children across the globe is confused and even a little bit worried. Sylvie’s life has been turned upside down because of the coronavirus. Watch her find out what it is, how she can help and how she is passing the time at home with her family. Sylvie learns that, like her friends all around the world she is being a super hero!

Produced & Animated by Dog Day Media

Written by ‘Writing for Tiny’ and ‘Tiny Health’

DDM Production Team

Animation: Eoin Devlin
Animation: William Bean
Producer: Billy Cummings

Production Team

Writer: Writing For TiNy
Voiced by: Rosie Carter
Background Design: DoodleMoose
Background Design: Neil O'Sullivan Greene
VO Edit: Fiachna O'Donnel


Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere